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Add a Warranty to an Asset


Rather than add individual asset warranties to each asset, asset warranties are associated with the asset subtype. 

For example, let's say all Ford Transit vans come with a 3yr / 100,000km warranty. Then the warranty template is created, configured, and assigned to all Ford Transit vans. To configure this:

  1. Create the 2 new warranty types - Section 1 of Add Asset Warranty Type procedure
  2. Associate the warranty with the asset subtype - Section 2 of Add Asset Warranty Type procedure

Procedure to Verify the Warranty

1. To verify the asset warranty, open the asset record and click the Menu icon on the top left-hand side of the screen

2. In the side menu, click Asset Warranty

3. Adjust the start date for the time-based warranty if needed

4. Click Save to close.

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