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Stock Adjustment


Changes in inventory levels don’t always come from purchases, job cards, or sales orders. Sometimes, it’s necessary to modify inventory levels to reflect changes in your actual inventory count that might not be in your records. Inventory adjustment refers to adjustment entries made to account for differences between recorded and actual inventory items.


1. Open the stock record. Click Stock on the home screen

2. Search for the stock record to be adjusted

3. Open the stock card. Click on the details icon opposite the depot to be adjusted

4. In the Stock Adjust Transfer screen, adjust up or down the stock on hand

5. Current stock on hand at this depot is 39. For this example, an additional unit is found when the stock was counted. Transfer quantity is 1 and the transfer type is IN

6. Click Save & Confirm when done

7. The bin quantity has increased from 39 to 40

8. The new bin stock also appears on the stock valuation report

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