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Move Stock from one Depot to Another


1. Open the stock record. Click Stock on the home screen

2. Click the Menu icon on the top left-hand side of the stock screen

3. Click Depot Requisitions

4. Click New

5. Select the Provider (From) and Receiver (To) depots. Click Save & Update when done

6. The requisition template is created. Next step is to add parts to the requisition. Click the Requisition line item

7. Click +Add Parts to Requisition

8. Fill in the part number and quantity required, and click Save & Update

9. Repeat the process for all parts required

10. Click In Transit to confirm the parts have been shipped

11. The depot requisition line item now shows the parts in transit

12. When the parts are received by the receiving depot, click through the depot requisition line item, and click Complete

13. The depot requisition is completed

14. This example, three Camshaft & Bearing parts are moved from Depot 1 to Sandyford. The 3 parts transferred to Sandyford show up in Depot Totals

15. Also, the Stock Transaction Audit Report shows the requisition as a double entry

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