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Add a SWOT to a Job Card


A SWOT is a standard repair job with expected labour hours to complete. 

  • Single line SWOT - single repair task with the associated time and labour rate
  • Consolidated SWOT - made up of multiple repair task with the associated time and labour rate

Prerequisites before completing this procedure

  1. Create a job card
  2. Create a SWOT


1.Open the job card and click the Search icon in the Labour tile

2. Select the Add SWOT tab

3. It is possible to add a single line SWOT or a consolidated SWOT to the job card.

4. For this procedure, a single line is selected, and the list of available options appears on the screen

5. Choose the SWOT or SWOTs to be added

6. Click Add to Job Card

7. Click Exit the Page when done

8. Verify your work by clicking the Search icon on the Instructions tab

9. Verify the SWOTs in the list are correct

10. Delete a SWOT if needed

11. Click Exit to close

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