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Issue a Credit Note against a Sales Order


A credit note is evidence of a reduction in the amount that a buyer owes a seller under the terms of an earlier invoice. The credit note is evidence of the reduction in sales when parts or labour is disputed by the client. In Assetminder, credit notes can be issued against sales orders and job cards. This procedure outlines how to issue a credit note against a sales order.


1. The first step is to locate the sales order to issue the credit against. Click Sales Order on the home page

2. Credit notes can only be issued against sales orders already closed. Search in the closed sales orders section for the order to issue the credit note against

3. Click the View Page icon in the SOP Summary tile

4. The Sales Order Review page summarizes the labour and parts used on the sales order. Click Activate Credit Note on the top right-hand side

5. Clicking Activate Credit Note creates a credit note record in the system. By default, the system will credit the full amount for the repair. On the credit note preview, click the View Page icon opposite labour or parts to modify the credit amount

6. In this case, a credit is issued against the parts. In the pop-up window, the credit amount by default is for the full amount

7. Adjust the credit amount and verify the credit total. Click Save when done

8. Repeat the process to adjust the credit against the labour. Remember, the credit note defaults to 100% so revert the credit to zero if no credit is issued against the labour. Click Sign off & Close when done

9. Click Yes to confirm

10. On the invoice, click print or email to send the invoice to the client

11. If email is chosen, verify the email addresses and/or add additional emails by clicking the Add icon. Click Send Email when done

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