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Receive Parts against a Purchase Order

1. Click Purchasing on the home screen

2. In the On Order queue, click and open the relevant purchase order

3. Verify the correct PO has been opened, and click Receive

4. Add the Delivery Docket Number

5. Add the Quantity received and New Cost for each line item

6. Note - it is possible to partial receive against a line item

7. Click Save when done

8. The purchase order now sits in the Received purchase order list

9. To receive the remaining parts, click on the purchase order in the received list

10. Click Receive again to receive more items against this PO

11. Add the new Docket Number

12. Note the quantities outstanding in the Balance column

13. Receive the balance of the items by adding the Quantity and New Cost

14. Click Save when done

15. Next Step is to sign off and close the purchase order

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