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Create New Defect Clear Reason

As a user completes an inspection on the mobile app, they can fail a check and report a defect. In this example, the user was checking the headlights for leaks and reported an issue with the right side. The defect status in this case is highlighted as In Progress. Some example defect statuses could be repaired, waiting part, waiting vendor, waiting tooling, temporary fix, and on-hold.


1. To add a new Defect Clear Reason, click the Administrator Settings icon on the home screen

2. Click Inspections

3. Select Asset Defects Clear Reasons

4. Click Show All Asset Defect Clear Reasons to see the existing status available in the system

5. Add in the description and default control status for the new reason, and click Save to activate

6. If the defect is not completely addressed during the inspection, then the control status should be open. If the defect is addressed in some way, then the control status is closed.

7. Repeat as needed for other defect reasons.

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