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v3.3.5 9th May 2022

Users - Option to CC an additional email address when sending a users password.

Users - Issue with cost per hour against the user has been resolved.

Inspection - New axle maps.

Inspection Report - Tyre size and date code have been added to the inspection report.

Inspection Report - Enhancements to the inspection report.

Inspection Report - Time formatting issue has been resolved.

Purchase Order - GRN report updated to show 15 characters of a part number.

Purchase Order - When a PO is linked to a job card or sales order there is now a hyperlink.

Job Card - The printed job card now shows the parts depot and location.

Invoice - SWOT labour can now be hidden against a customers invoice options.

Job Estimate - Updated process for creating a new asset

Stock - Enhancements to the low stock report.

Stock - Issue with stock return parts with a supersession number has been resolved.

SWOT - Issue with a deleted SWOT on a job card has been resolved.

SWOT - Issue with editing text on a SWOT has now been resolved.

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