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v3.3.4 - 17th January 2022

Asset - Hybrid and Electric added to fuel types.

Asset - If there is an asset in a location the user will not be allowed to delete that location.

Asset - Issue with labels incorrectly showing as available has been resolved.

Asset - Issue with planner event advance notifications has been resolved.

Asset - Option to add in tyre size and date code into the axle map.

Asset - Scanned documents are now in date order.

Email Settings - Security improvements to the encryption requires superuser to update their SMTP email password

Inspection - Additional axle maps have been added.

Inspection - Additional inspection measurement units have been added.

Inspection Approval - Enhancements to the search functionality.

Inspection Report - Issue with additional text appearing in the measurement section have been resolved.

Inspection Report - Issue with missing data from axle map section has been resolved.

Inspection Report - Option to send the report when emailing the final invoice.

Inspection Report - The measurement section will now change to repaired after the inspection approval has taken place.

Job Card -  Job credit notes can now be closed when there are SWOTs on them.

Job Card -  Job scanned documents will now show both the original and approved inspection PDFs

Job Card - Clock Off Complete administration has been paginated

Job Card - Enhancements to the layout of the terms & conditions on the invoice.

Job Card - Job instructions entered on the mobile app are now in the same order on the web app.

Job Card - New UI to the right hands side menu please see FAB PDF attached.

Job Card - Part usage report filter is now operational."

Job Card - The search criteria is now preserved on the job card if the user selects the back button.

Notifications & Invoicing - Non SMTP emails will now be sent from

Planner - Fixed date events completion issue has been resolved.

Planner - The ability to reschedule an overdue event when in the asset tile has been added.

Sales Order -  Issue with parts having a zero sell price has been resolved.

Sales Order - Labour delete issue has been resolved.

Stock & Purchase Order - Enhancements to Stock and Purchase Orders

SWOT - Labour increments have been extended to allow decimals.

Users - User licence management section has been added

Vendor - Enhancements to the vendor process.

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