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User Acceptance Testing Guide


To successfully test your Assetminder configuration, follow these simple rules:

  1. Put dedicated time aside to test the software - it's difficult to dig into the software properly if you only spend 5 minutes here and there.
  2. Write down all your questions - we have features and functions whereas you have business processes. It may take a follow-up call to figure out how we can fit the features into the business processes.

5% Rule

It's time-consuming to check 100% of the data in the system. During testing, Assetminder recommends testing 5% of any data at random. For example, if the system has 200 assets, check 10 of those records as per directed.

Time to Test
Expected Outcome

1 Users Verify users list
1. Open user record
2. Verify correct user configuration for each user record
15 mins List and configuration is accurate
2 Asset Settings
Verify correctness of asset types and asset subtypes lists
5 mins
List is accurate
3 Asset Settings
Verify locations are correct
2 mins
List is accurate
4 Asset List
Verify Asset list
1. Click Assets on home page
2. Search all assets using % catch-all
20 mins
List is accurate
5 Asset List Verify asset owner, customer & invoicee on 5% of asset records
1. Open the asset record
2. Check account details panel on the right-hand side of the asset record
10 mins Associations are accurate
6 Planned Events
Verify the Planned Maintenance Schedule for 5% of your assets
20 mins
PM schedule is configured correctly for each sample asset
7 Parts
Verify the parts list. Search and verify 5% of parts.
10 mins List is accurate
8 Parts
Verify correct suppliers associated with 5% of parts.
- Open the part record
- Check associated suppliers
15 mins
Associations are accurate
9 Inspections
Log in to the mobile app and complete both short and long inspections
  1. Fail one line item and record defect
  2. Sign off the inspection as done
  3. Log in to the web app and check the defects in the defect manager
15 mins
  1. Inspection checklist is accurate. 
  2. Closeout process is accurate.
10 Planner 1. Create a job card for an asset
2. Schedule a user to the job card for tomorrow
3. Verify scheduled job on the planner
10 mins The scheduled job is visible on the planner

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