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Vendor Portal Overview


A vendor management user is anyone that completes work for this organisation while employed by a 3rd party. For example, the organization does light inspections and maintenance on the fleet, but use a 3rd party garage for all heavy maintenance such as overhauls. 


  1. Your company decides to outsource some work. You convert the job card to a WAN(Work Order Authorization Number)
  2. Your company issues a Request for Quote for the work
  3. The Vendor issues the reply
  4. The work is authorized or rejected by your company
  5. The vendor completes the job and sends you the invoice
  6. Your company reviews the work and approves or disputes it
  7. The WAN is closed

Access the Vendor Portal

1. Click the Arrow icon in the Vendor Portal widget on the home page

2. The vendor portal houses the work authorization records

Choose files or drag and drop files
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